Kill Cellulite With the Only Proven Cellulite Skin Tightener

Published: 14th January 2009
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Tens of millions of dollars are desperately spent, every single month, by ladies who desire to rescue their sexy skin from the dreaded dimples and nasty bumps known as 'cellulite'. But the big issue is - most of this money is painfully spent in vane, with absolutely no resulting cellulite reduction to show for the unrealistic time, steep expense and monthly inconvenience.

In this article I will expose the wicked truth about cellulite and the only proven, permanent way to get rid of the lumps and bumps.

First important note; Cellulite is not a superficial skin condition. It's a physiological/structural issue that can surely be reversed and corrected. The 'orange peel' bumps are not a superficial element - they are only the visible result of what sits behind the bumps, below the outermost layers of the skin of a woman's trouble spots.

Second important note; Cellulite is not caused by the build up of 'waste products or circulatory toxins'. This is simply a pitch of dirty marketing trickery - that almost sounds like it 'might be' true, to the common, unsuspecting lady.

Third important note; Even though some over-weight women do show cellulite - it's not necessarily a result of high amounts of body-fat. There are so many women who are not 'heavy' - who actually have slender figures - but they do have the 'cottage cheese' effect in their trouble spots, such as their buns, hips, thighs and lower stomach.

Well, what actually is 'cellulite' and how can this depressing, superficial condition be banished?

Cellulite is the 'outside' result of soft, un-toned, muscles, beneath the areas of skin which show the cellulite dimples and bumpiness.

Even women who workout daily can still have unwanted and unsightly cellulite. The reason why is that not all types of workouts can get rid of cellulitefrom a womans trouble spots.

There are a handful of long forgotten moves which directly stimulate, and visibly enhance, the specific muscle layer under the cellulite afflicted trouble spots. Proper execution of these cellulite reduction exercises are the only way to eliminate the 'condition' of cellulite.

An overall exercise plan is simply that - an overall exercise program for general health and wellness. A cellulite specific workout routine is different in that it consists of a series of zone specific moves, which when followed in the same routine, result in definite and visible improvements in the female trouble zones.

The precise reason why these anti-cellulite moves work are because they reverse the physical causes of the skin dimples that show on the outermost layers of skin. No passive 'cellulite-treatment' can or ever will get rid of a woman's cellulite - no matter how outrageously expensive or how scientific it may seem.

The only method for cellulite reduction is by changing the physical muscle structure of the supporting muscle layers which lay directly under the cellulite prone skin. Enhancing the muscles enhances the skin that covers those muscles.

When these problem-area muscles get more tone and just a little firmer - they push outward against the skin - giving it an evenly smooth and tight texture.

The beauty of this method is that you do not need to worry about all the different weights and machines of the fitness center because all of these exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home.

The 'Slow Touch', the 'Heel Push', the '9-inch Step Back' and the 'Butt-Thigh Lifter' are just a few of these synergistic cellulite reduction exercises.

Since these exercises require no weights or machines - women of all ages can do them - and you can still follow your cellulite removal program when you travel.

The primary burning question you should ask yourself now, is: "Am I seriously ready to finally get rid of my cellulite and be sexy, confident and happy?"


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Joey Atlas, Exercise Physiologist, is the creator of 'NAKED BEAUTY' - Cellulite Reduction Home Exercise Program.

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